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April 12, 2010


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Yep. Yep, this one's definitely on my list.

holy shit!

yayyyyyyyy! my love!!!!!!!!!!! takin it up the booty hole ;-P

I loved her scene in Starlets. Looking forward to this one. Should be good.

wow !!!!
the woman of my dreams
elegant angel very good !!!
and Jayden jaymes ????
when will anal scene???

what do u know i thought the next anal virgin to join the dark side would be gracie glam but here she is the sweetest girl brooke lee adams taking the honor

trailer please !!!!!


Perfect... Perfect...Perfect... Bravo elegantangel.

so gay

translte korean

elegantangel fan입니다. 수차례 mail에서 요구드린바가 받아들여지지 않는다면 korea내에서 elegantangel사 뿐아니라 모든 업체 타이틀은 제가 그동안 구입을 통해 알게된 정보를 세관에 알려 압수조치 될수있도록 할것입니다. 다시 말씀드리지만 korea내에서 불법파일로 인해 입게되는 피해를 보상하고도 남을 a large profit을 포기하지 말기를 바랍니다.

that's fantastic man

Not to sound like an old mule lol but where might the trailer be?

for delirius of guys everybody want see a big and gorgeous ass penetrated

Now she wants to remind you of exactly why you fell in love with her to start with: her gently looks and perfect body with really big round tits.

beautiful ass!, i love Brooke.

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