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April 05, 2010


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Looks better than the Heroes T.V. show.

Damn good. High production values, and what looks like a good story. Now when we see the action, I'll make up my mind.

Thanks for posting!

If I wanted to see X-Men (or Vivid Pirate) rip off I would go to my dvd collection and watch it. Where is the sex ? As you can tell I'm very dissapointed. If it was not for the A-Listed pornstars I would not even be interested. I'll reserve further judgement until the sex is shown.

I agree with dpconnoisseur. This is too much like those Vivid and Digital Playground films with all storyline, plot, and production values without any good quality sex. From what I can tell, this porn flick is called "Pornstar Superheroes" not "Superheroes."

Good trailer! Thanks!

this looks like one of those horrible made for tv sci fi channel movies lol
nothing wrong with that though as the girls look good and i'm sure everyone had fun filming it.

Really? God, I feel dumber after watching that.

what a horrible decision and what a horrible waste of a good quality cast, i bet it was fun to shoot and for those who love to watch story line sex im sure they will enjoy it but really? personally i fell asleep watching it

I'm reserving judgement until after I've seen the movie, but, at the very least, it'll be something different to watch.

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Damn good but it looks like one of those horrible movies.

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