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July 02, 2012


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nice, she reminds me so much of Tori Black

thats great that she did ir . i love her , i hate pornstars that are a afraid to do ir .

Is that Lex?

I just love Allie Haze.She just makes every movie better.

She has a great Ass!!

Why people assumed that any actress are afraid of ir? Why hate? What's so wrong in some performer does not do some race? That's hurt someone?

Allie is smokin hot....please book her for more scenes!!!!!

Love Allie. She looks so good. Elegant Angel u rock.

Oh yes, oh yes... Allie is great, looking forward to that release. :)

Amazing news! ... When is available?!!! O.O

man elegant is putting out some awesomeness.....keep using sexy ass allie elegant

Agents that convince pornstars that IR is a bad career move are idiots..enough said...

Because racism is dumb, Gerald! Get it?

she must to do anal and dp this year

i hope

Is tori black back ? Wtf! I know its AllieHaze ; but couldn't help but wonder;she looks similar to her. Hope its anal .thanku EA

Allie is sooooo fine!

And Allie and Tori Black must be distant cousins long lost sisters! That pic of her clenching her teeth looks exactly like how Tori used to look in her scenes.

Mind blown!

She's a great ass ; that's been waiting; to get fucked! Checking out her brown eye!She is sexy as hell.is Lexington Steele the lucky guy ? Damn ; that guy is some lucky sonofbitch! He popped Remy Lacroyx ass and he's probably banging Allie Hazes ass ! Lucky guy.

Wishlist for Massive Asses 6:
- Jada Stevens (Anal)
- Jennifer White (Anal)

Elegant Angel does is again!!! You guys are my #1 studio. Now what would top this one?.......Alexis Texas doing IR?????? Dream come true.....Who's with me??!!

Sure, Remy is gone, But, Allie is back baby.. oh yeaaah

I agree, Allie Haze could be Tori Blacks sister...they look the same!!! I'd love to see them in an IR group B/G/B/G scene together taking on two big black cocks!!!!

it's always great to see allie haze even IR no offense what i seen black guy dont fuck hard enough, i guess with big dick comes great responsibility but may it would be great

She also looks a bit like Aspen Brock.

Allie is amazing.

When can we expect a trailer?

Congratulation Allie Haze on your Interracial amazing performance. More Grease to your Pussy!

Allie I love your natural breasts! Hint hint.

I'm glad that Elegant is putting more black men in there top movies for IR scenes movies not just in the Gangbanged, Massive Facials, or ever in a LT movie. So I would like to see more IR scenes in some of the there movie.

is tori black still in porn?

So fucking beautiful and I love her small natural titties, she must be gangbanged with DPs soon.

"Because racism is dumb, Gerald! Get it?"


What's WRONG with the "I'm not attracted by other races" ?


The pro race-mixing madness has to stop.

"Rome" (a jew for sure..) dreams about making mandatory for every white girl to fuck a black man once a year...

Keep dreaming "Rome", liberty means race-mixing IF someone wants to.

Li-ber-ty, not "racism"...

Make LOVE, not anti-white race-mixing war!!

Get it jew?

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