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June 18, 2013


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Mmmmmmmmmmm Dani Daniels.

I don't know how the hell Manuel Ferrara can turn any girl into a fountain....magic?

Holy shit

Yes, yes, yes....seriously the squirt feature films from around 05 & 06 are what put me on to Elegant Angel as a whole and I've been a die hard fan since. Very happy to see you guys bringing em back.

Finally a new squirt series. Riley's juice looks so delicious. yammi.
Still waiting for a creampie series, EA!
And i would pay alot if you guys would do an interactive series. That is still my biggest hope.

I've been looking forward to this since you guys told us of your plans to do another squirt movie. Looks awesome, but seriously why is Lily Carter not in this movie? This is the kind of thing she was made for! Lots of fans voted for her, but seems that she didn't make the cut. I hope that it came down to a scheduling conflict and not something else.

comments are moderated? seriously, what kind of comments do people write that get rejected and deleted? (besides SPAM, racist garbage; and really psycho anti-porn rants)

you guys should do a squirt dvd of all 40 year old milfs. tiffany mynx would be one of them. they're all soccer moms, and the video is filmed in athletic grounds by a soccer field or baseball field. soccer moms or baseball little league moms: nobody brought water and they're all dehydrated from the hot sun. the park water fountains dont work, and the only option is the moms have to take turns leaving the game and going behind the restrooms and drinking vagina squirts. you get some 18 yr old or 19 yr old porn newcomers playing a girls softball team, and the video could be then with their jerseys off, standing topless in a line, waiting to drink their coach's squirts. ...yeah you dont know half the dirty kinky ideas you can get from the fans of elegant angel videos.

I got the movie today. Brooklyn needs her own Superstar movie. In baseball terms, she hits it 800 feet every time you give her an at bat.

I need more abbey brooks. but have her cut her in a short bob and dye it black!!!!

do you guys at elegant angel ever want to push the boundarys like the do in german porn. I want american porn but I want sick twisted porn. you could have a special brand called "elegant angel extreme." it would be a separate production label. maybe you might not be able to retail the stuff. maybe it would be mail order only.

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