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April 25, 2012


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Thats like one of the hottest things I've ever seen.

I love this girl, she's one of the best things that ever happened to porn in a long time.
She's a born star, and I am glad we can know that this early, so that we share a lot more and better scenes with her!

Wow she has major skills, would love to see a live performance.

is this remy unremmitable! fuckin awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you elegant for posting one of the best non hardcore videos I've ever seen.....and thanks for making a all remy movie

I love the music. What is it ?

Nice, I need a gif of her ass and that hoolahoop. Starting to get real excited about this movie!

So talented with a hula hoop and a penis! A porn gem

Damn ! Shes takin all of Lex steele meat ; shes got to be the best newcomer of 2012 ! Remy has got it all ! Beauty ; one of the best butts in the biz ; shes sure loves anal .

One chick doing the naked hula-hoop while another naked chick circles around on roller skates? Wow guys. You're having fun.

Remy is so beautiful and fresh faced.I can't wait to see a trailer for this movie,because I know it's gonna be off the freakin hook.

Yeah, thats what I've been saying all along. Elegant Angel can come up with great IR lines by hiring Lex, Mandingo or Prince to work with awesome newbies like Lemy. Give LT the flick. He's an obstacle to progress.

yes, yes, yes...Remy is THA SHIT

Just to say, she is very talented with a hulla-hoop. Now, Remy is absolutely delicious. I genuinely think I am falling in love with this beautiful young talented actress. She is destined for greatness, and for a long period of time too in the industry. I dont know what I am more thankful for, you guys expanding my horizon to her beauty, or that cute little pussy she has and that fucking killer as she has.......fantastic.

that was......HOT HOT HOT!!!!!! Remy marry me baby!!!!

Great...and now i hope GANGBANG or BLOWBANG!!!

Seeing that video has made me an even bigger fan of Ms. LaCroix! Looking forward to seeing more Elegant Angel scenes from her!

REMY got the potion in the motion, she's got SKILLZ.
This angel has divine elegance, she's got THRILLZ.
I had a REMYGASM just watching her, I got CHILLZ.

i just fell in love..

Her ass is magnificent !the things i would do to her ! Shes freakin hot!Remy is a goddess

Blow my fucking mind? I already knew she could do that.

Please Elegant Angel guys cast Sharon Lee in a scene with Remy :)

She's an incredible anal performer, just fresh in L.A. from France, and she does have the intensity and love for porn that Remy does, it will be a perfect match!


This is awesome! I would love to see more of this on DVD.

That was super cute and sexy. I could watch her hula-hooping all day long. Thanks!

What is the music name?

Skilled moves! Hope to see more focus on female body dynamics in adult movies. Performers and directors could get lots of inspiration from some music videos.

Download Link !!! I LOVE YOUUU

Anybody got the song name handy? :D

anyone got the name of this song please?
it freaking rocks!


So hot..

So so hot..


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