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June 28, 2012


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I just found about this in her twitter account. I'm so shocked! I wish her nothing but the best. She's truly a beautiful
young woman .I twitted to her that I enjoyed her movies. Especially the one for u guys at ElegantAngel. I'm so sad about her departure. I truly believed and still do that she was a breath of fresh air in the adult industry.too many pornstars come and go ; but this one really hurts. She is withouta doubt a performer of the yr.I'm so bummed about this.I just wish her nothing but the best in her future endeaovours. I'm really gonna miss her.thank u rent for giving us the porn fans the opportunity to watch you in our living rooms.thank u EA for shooting her and Mason for her incredible directorial work. Feel like I'm gonna cry. Lol.

Oops I.meant thank u Remy lacroix for giving us the porn fan to watch your films.again I'm so bummed about her departure.Sad day in the porn industry

Awww, that sucks I just made her a bunch of new fan art too. I like the new wallpaper, here's the one I made from Remy last week. http://wileyboyart.tumblr.com/post/25649112349/remylacroixxx-heres-a-beautiful-picture-i-made

A very very sad day, this one news hurts.

I'm trying to deny it, say it ain't true, hope somehow, someway, she'll change her mind, or just take a small break and then come back.

She was one of the few rare ones that should have stayed with us for a long long time.

I felt the same way you did hardcore72. It made me gasp, and think to myself "wow did we lose a great talent, and the ultimate girl next door" in an industry that values fake breasts and fake personalities.

She was a "breath of fresh air", and I'm as attracted to her personality as much if not more than her body and sexual performance. She's the kind of girl that I'd just like to talk to. See what "makes her tick", and I'm grateful that she was given a "feature" so all "the other people" who didn't realize just how great she was will always be able to watch "Remy LaCroix" and see it from themselves. We caught a "small glimpse" of who she is, and I enjoyed that. Her talking about what she enjoyed sexually, and how her being a pornstar allowed her the opportunity to express her sexuality.

I'll never forget her comments in "Remy" about why she would be the "perfect girlfriend". "I'll cook you dinner, I'll suck your cock, and I love facials". Yep she'll always be one of my favorites! XO XO

Already?! Wow. I have to wonder what led to this decision, and it seems so sudden, based on her recent blog posts. New boyfriend? Early burnout? She will be missed.

Remy LaCroix, Meggan Mallone, Tori Black, Keri Sable, Jamie Huxley and Lauren Phoenix.

The best who left and I still miss.

Who knows what led her to quit porn . Only god and her know ; it might have been boyfriend;or got burnout like the previous post stated . We got to respect her decision. Who knows maybe ; she'll give porn another try in the near future. She wasn't 1 yr in the industry and she's already gone . Damn ! It sucks! I know she don't read this but if u do Remy;pls reconsider your decision.Thx Ea

Bummed to see her go, but we'll always have the memories!

I hold out hope that Tori Black will be coming back.....

:( Noooooooooooo

The brightest stars burn out the fastest

One thing about the porn industry. Another fresh-faced cutie will come onto the scene, and we'll fall in love with her too just like we did Remy LaCroix. However, having said that, Remy has something about her that I'll never forget. She's "real", and that's comes across both in her performances and in how she treats us her fans.

The lesson is "just be yourself", and you can't ever go wrong. I can spot a "fake" a mile away, and Remy is anything but.

I'm really glad I got to see Remy in her incredible but short ; porn career. There aren't a lot of porn girls that truly enjoy ; doing sex scenes . Like mar77xxx mentioned;she was as real as you can get . I can honesty say that Remy did enjoyed doin her scenes. I don't think were going to see a real ; beautiful; honest ; girl next door type of girl ; like her in porn for a while. Somehow I'll get over her ; but ; she was and is one of the prettiest and talented girls I've seen in the industry for a long time.

thanks remy for those crazy scenes!!! we're going to miss them

this is shocking to me too early,Remy u would have been a legend sad letting this one go.I guess Remy can do anything but will be miss and gladly will be welcome back she has/had too many fans, would be easy comeback

iam very very very very sad today :(

remy i love you----please come back!!!

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