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June 01, 2012


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Remy is a must buy for my DVD collection!!! I'm really Looking forward to the Lex Steel & DP scenes!!!

thanks i wait for bws 21

Remy is THE Phenomenon of 2012!

WOW, i love this girl, can't wait for this movie

the hula hoop is awesome - I want to animate it!

beautiful. does anyone know what the electro house style song is during the hula hoop scene???

Wow!! This NEEDS to be released on June 6th. If it gets pushed back again, I swear I'm going to suffer a stroke.

Absolutely AMAZING! I love you Remy!

Very excited for this one. The hulu hoop is very sexy. Leave it to a gorgeous girl to take something as innocent as a hulu hoop and make it completely sexy =p

fu**!!! i love this girl, i really can't wait to watch it.... i mean... i can't fu**ing wait!!

Who knew that "Hula Hoops" + "Roller Skates" would = "hotness"?

Remy LaCroix is the New Jenna Haze! I want a Remy LaCroix gif of the hula hoop dance! lol

Remy is cute and nasty, she reminds me Jenna Haze!

She is the hall of famer of pornstars and she hasnt even surpassed the 100th film mark. As long as she keeps making movies i will be entertained.

Nice job Remy! However, trying to go butt to butt with Jada Stevens in a fool's errand!



To me she is the starlet of 2012. Shes becoming the most wanted girl in porn.Adorable face; great ass; unbelievable smokin body.cant believe people are comparing her to Jenna Haze.shes way hotter and a better performer than that ex porn Hollywood wanna be.she already has 2 DP scenes under her belt ( one for Evil Angel and one for EA) plus she does IR. It took a couple of yrs .for Jenna Haze. To do anal. Cant wait to buy REMY.not an illegal downloaded copy. I only buy authentic merchandise ( DVD s ) not fake cheap pirated crap.Thx EA you got another winner in your hands.

So happy for Remy, and for us the fans for being able to see her express herself sexually for us. I think she's going to be a star for years to come, and I'm so honored that she and I have had the chance to interact with one another recently through our blogs and twitter.

I follow hers http://remylacroix.wordpress.com/ and she follows mine: http://mar77xxx.wordpress.com/

Here are the comments we both made about this "Remy" trailer and the film's upcoming release on June 6th:



Funny how we both mention the word "proud", but it's true. I'm proud to be a fan of hers!

So cute and non-stereotypical-porn-star-looking (please don't get implants!) and amazing hula hoop skills, among some other impressive abilities.

I bow down to REMY!!!

Thank-You EA....this is fucking awesome!!!

Remy had a dream, that one day she will express her SEXUALITY like never before
Remy had a dream, that one day she will let her FREAK flag fly higher than ever
Remy had a dream, that one day she will not find herself, but CREATE herself
Elegant Angel had a dream, that one day all of Remy's dreams will be made a REALITY
I have a dream, that one day I will enjoy watching REMY as much as Remy enjoyed making it

Remy although the wait for the trailer was painful at least it did not disapoint! Wow, another superstar is born. EA sure has an eye for these starlets and a way of bringing out their best performances:

Asa Akira
Kagney Linn Karter
Remey LaCroix

I need the music in this!!! Elegant Angel seriously needs to make a separate page with there music or say what music they use cause it's always the bomb.

I'm calling it right now, Remy will have best tease at AVN with that hula hoop tease.......

Any way to get the Trust/Love track? Thank you! Excellent trailer.

This girl is amazing, love her

I don't know who Remy is. I'm soo looking forward to getting to know her. Remy is the most interesting person in the industry. Killer looks, very intelligent, and is open sexually make her cool in my book. I check out her trailer. Very interesting. What sold me was her hula hoop scene with Lexi Belle. Remy looked soo cute doing the hoop tricks. Seeing her playing with that hula hoop, I just wanted to fuck her. I hope Remy does some features soon. I would love to see her inperson.

So damn sexy. Love the naked hula-hoopin'. What's the music that's used on the clip?


great scene. I'd like to know the music playing during hula hoop action.

The song is "Love Me" by Scoreweaver´╗┐. Your welcome.

I watched the trailer and wanted to know what song is played in the beginning when the booties are bouncing. Halp, please!

Hey, I'm way down here at the bottom of this blog but, don't let that fool ya, I have just as much affection for Remy as the rest of ya! I am gettin' a little tired though, of hearin' about all the hula-hoopin'. Let's face it, it wouldn't matter what she was playin' with, she'd be hotter than hell just the same. She could be twirlin' a baton around or maybe jugglin' some balls or even balancing something on the tip of her nose and would it really make any difference? We'd all still be mesmerized! Well, that's my 2 cents worth and for the record, I did buy a whole bunch of Remy's movie for my compulsive, obsessive disorder collection. By the way, Mason, you did do a wonderful job of directing Remy's movie. Hooray, Elegant Angel for a real winner!

I just discovered this trailer of Remy LaCroix on 10/13/2012 and was utterly captivated by her free spirit and astonishing hula hoop maneuvers. She makes it look so easy and it is anything but. I had never heard of her before yesterday, and upon closing investigation via Google have come to discover that, unfortunately, she has retired from the industry already. This is terribly disappointing as she is quite simply one of the most beautiful and charming young ladies I have seen in quite some time. I would love for Mason (an astonishing director herself) to release a DVD/Blu-ray of just Remy and her co-stars dancing around happily in hula hoops and roller skates. Their playful spirit and the joy on their faces is so joyful to witness. I can imagine Ms. LaCroix in a t-shirt and jean cut-offs and nothing else would make many hearts aflutter.

Ms. LaCroix, if you're reading this, please know that this singular video alone has made an enormous impact your fans.

Please post more hula hoop videos. You are a delight to behold. :)

someone must be able to compile a list of the music Elegant Angel use on their trailers, each one has fantastic music that excellently complements the stunning images on screen. so you music buffs out there please post a list or something.

Remy is one captivating lady, I'm getting my girl a dam hula hoop ;)

thnks for the music!

Wow shes cool

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